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If you have any problems with the car, you need to immediately contact us and we will assist you or provide you with a replacement if necessary. We are available 24/7.

We take 5 000 AED as a security deposit.

We have to take a deposit in case of fines, Salik charges or damage on the vehicle. It can take several days for us to get notified by the RTA in case of fines and Salik.

It's Dubai's electronic toll collection system. We take 5 AED each time you pass a toll gate. In Dubai, even when you take taxis they collect Salik charges from you.

A pre-authorization is a temporary hold placed on the customer's credit card. We do not directly debit the deposit amount. Not every “rent a car company” in Dubai has POS machines to accept pre-authorized payments.

The blocked amount is released within 21 days.

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